September Spirit Blessings 2022

Your Spirit Gifts for this month are meditation, relaxation + healing will help you to connect with your inner power that lays in your depths.

So this month please offer yourself moments of space + silence because that is when you connect with your Feminine Spirit.

Guided Relaxation  11.41mins
A good old fashioned relaxation that moves thru the body to quieten the inner noise.
The words are repetitive which allow the relaxation to go deeper within.

Pebble Meditation 7.39mins
I love this meditation because you can really feel yourself floating down thru the layers of the mind.  I like to hold the image of the pebble being thrown into the pond creating ripples + then it sinking down into the depths.

Stepping into Miss Spring Healing + Reading 33.42 minutes
tools + tips to get a Spring in your step…

Spikenard Essential Oil ~  The Oil of Gratitude…
Ingratitude, resistance, victim mentality, expecting bad luck AND moving towards feeling grateful, accepting, contented + appreciating life’s experiences.

End your day reflecting on 3 things from your day you are grateful for + breath it into your heart as light…. blow the day away on the softness of surrender.

Yellow ~ Secret Language of Colour Cards by Inna Segal
Yellow is the colour to clear out the cobwebs of your mind + body.

Be under the healing power of the Sun  (In Aboriginal Culture the sun is feminine) + soak up the vibes.  Breathe it in.    Best times are early morning or late arvo…

Stomach Meridian Acupuncture 20 ~ Receive + Support Fullness (click on link)
Wallowing, fear of lack, inability to give + receive, overeating, not nourished or nourishing self with food, love or life.   Stimulating this point strengthens ability to come from that place of inner abundance.  Feelings of joy, wholeness, pleasure, satisfaction, contentment + security.

Yoga poses – lay over a pillow to open + expand,  twists to compress + open, cobra to stimulate meridian, forward bends for compression + release.

Release + Reclaim ~ Crystal + Botanical Elixir by Feminine Spirit (click on link)
Brings healing to the parts of us that feel unlovable, unloved + unloving.  The hidden shame buried within.   Let Spring begin the process of learning to like/love yourself.

Tikashi Cards ~ 2 cards
Emotions ~ Feel your emotions + let them go.  Love all of your feelings not only the ones you judge to be good!

Allowance ~ Allowance, non-judgement + unconditional love – go hand in hand.
When you find yourself criticizing others, look at what you’re not allowing in them + in self.  Allow YOU to be who + how you are…without judgement = space for change + growth.
Allowance is the pathway to peace….  Travel it.

In closing….

This Spring ~
Treat your body with respect by feeding it nourishing + nutritious foods.
If you’re good to your body, it will be good to you.
Syliva Browne