Creating Stability…

The world feels very unstable doesn’t it?  Regardless of your thoughts of the Monarchy the passing of the Queen has left the world feeling very unsettled.

My Mum loved the Royals where as Dad suffered them + for some strange reason Charles was the only one I liked.

I’ve recorded a lovely breathe/meditation/relaxation to bring a sense of inner peace + stability to your inner world in a chaotic crazy world.

The collective sense of grief + loss can be seen on the TV which may bring up old wounds  for healing.   For others they’ll not feel the grief but rather a sense of overwhelm with what else can happen in this world.

I called it the Rainbow of Life 13.47mins

After the Queens passing a double rainbow was seen over Buckingham Palace which I  believe it was Mother Nature/Spirit sending a message of healing, hope, new beginnings + ascendance.

Use the Rainbow of Life when you need to heal, clear + refresh

If you need extra support:
Unbreak My Heart Crystal + Botanical Elixir
Cleanse + Protect Aura Mist OR Heart Chakra Aura Mist
Ground yourself by being in Nature
Turn the TV / News off
Be your sovereign self by allowing others their emotions + feelings
Forgive the past so that healing may occur
When it’s right turn to the new path that will emerge.

We may well see changes coming to our Country or we may not.  Who knows.
But let us step into this new cycle as one nation…  together.