October 2022 Spirit Blessings

October Spirit Blessings Healing + Reading… a journey back to beauty,  love, harmony,  inner peace + outer balance thru reiki,  the miracle of relaxation, colour healing + sound.

Ho’oponopono (Hawaiian Chant) Mantra  5.13mins by Karen Drucker
“I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.”
When we sing instead of speaking it feels like it’s coming from your heart + not the mind. This is the power of repentance, forgiveness, gratitude + love.  Use it when you feel swamped by emotions, stories, your past + when you feel you need help.

I’ve been chanting this on my morning walks  – when I walk past others I silently chant… You will notice the difference after your walk.  Put it on your phone if you take it.

Listen to some of Karen’s songs and you can download via Spotify too.   Meditation can be joyous thru the healing power of song + music.

Miracle of Relaxation + Rainbows   16.05mins
A simple breathe to support you thru October and a Relaxation brings that relaxes + relaxes whilst restoring a sense of balance + inner harmony so that you may vibrate at a new frequency … one that is based on life force.

 Colour + Sound Healing + Reading 25.26
A gentle healing + reading for the lungs, immune system, expansion, power of the feminine + bringing in the beauty of colour healing, Lavender (Australian) + my Shedding Oxyamel to clear other people’s energy…

A beautiful healing/reading if you have been neglecting your self-care.

Some extra tips…

Prospect Meditation (youtube) for chakra sound healings…  I do one of their sound healings at least once a week especially if I am feeling less than 100% …

Inna Segal ~ Secret Language of Colour Cards…