November 2022 – Spirit Blessings

Can you lean into your ease or will you continue down the pathway of pushing yourself beyond your limits.   We are done with that!    Lean in….Listen…..Let yourself be….

Your spirit toolbox for the month of November…

Temple of the Heart Meditation + Viloma Pranayama    15.15
Hands in Prayer to stimulate  Heart Point – Centre of Chest – C17 known as The Centre of the Inner Storehouse of Light ).  This is a grounding point for you.   Also brings in tapping + movement to stimulate.

Joy of the Heart + Sacred Rites Healing + Reading 31.40
Have your Lavender Oil on hand to use as we work with this for various points of the body.
Lady’s Mantle Essence for our feminine health from puberty to menopause and everything in between.   Bringing healing to the wounds of our feminine.

Dreaming Tree Guided Relaxation 10.14
Working with the areas that hold the 3 feminine chakras – pelvis, ribcage, skull…

Be the woman this month who loves to create, who will follow the insights, the guidance, connects to her joy, who makes the world a better place for just being herself.

Beautiful Chorus ~ Inner Peace
Sing, Chant, Hum your way to peace….