December 2022 Spirit Blessings

Here are your Spirit Tools for the Summer Solstice + Christmas  2022…

Be Within  8.04mins ~ Mini relaxation to induce relaxation of body + mind.

I Rest in my Heart Healing  26mins ~ begins with a gentle seated or standing stretch + includes sinus massage for those wearing masks + blocked sinuses.

Alternate Nostril Breathing + Humming 2.07mins ~ clears + vibrates healing energy thru sinus channels for being able to hold your breath with ease, calms nervous system, clears sinuses, boosts lung + heart health.  (great for those who wear masks or healing from a virus.   

THRIVE LIST for the festive season…

  • Prioritize moving your body + feed it living food
  • Get your Derwents out + draw or colour in (inner child fun)
  • Be present in your life + breathe.
  • Listen to that voice when it tells you to say “no,” cos maybe you need to rest or do something that’ll re-connect you to your soul
  • It’s ok to retreat within instead of ‘being a social butterfly’
  • Have beautiful flowers in your home to enjoy
  • Enjoy the abundance of sunshine
  • You may feel the need to be home – listen to that…
  • How can you invite more flow into your life?