February 2023 – Spirit Blessings…

Your spirit blessings will be a gift to the heart + soul this month…
A Short + SWEET relaxation, healing + breath..

I feel a key theme for February is to LISTEN…whether that is to your heart, to your body or to another…   I love how it all came together.

One of the healing tools I am working with is to rub my hands together (front + back of hands + interlacing fingers as you rub them together) before I meditate, chant, self-healing or when I’m away with the faeries…
It brings warmth into the hands, brain integration, activates healing chakras, meridians + acu points, pain relief by placing the warm hands over pain point, palming the eyes, brings your awareness into your hands/body + keeps you present + is really calming!!!

I wanted to share this with you because it’s so easy + yet so profound to do.

Healing Breathe with bodily awareness… 10.05
Infuses the being with prana…

I have been using variations of this breath over the last few weeks.  Mostly I include a chant…  OM,  AUM (ahhhhoooommmm) or HUM.   You will feel the healing vibration.

February Relaxation with colour, lightness, love, beauty + your true self 10.05

Heart Healing so that you may LISTEN 20.33
PalmaRosa Essential Oil, Peyote Essence, Peridotite, Emerald Rays (The Secret Language of Colour Oracle Cards, Reiki, Kidney Massage + Meridian

I hope you enjoy