Pearls for Healing….

Have you ever noticed how a certain piece of jewellery calls to you?

Recently I’ve felt called to wear my Mum’s pearls but totally ignored it till I was listening to a podcast on Water when the host mentioned the healing benefits of PEARL.

Thank You Divine Spirit for the nudge to get out of my own way!!!!

Those Pearls were on in 5minutes + instantly a beautiful sense of calm flowed within.
Today I’m wearing a Keshi SeaWater Pearl necklace which gives a feeling quietness + a need for more quiet + less noise…

All of us have a set of Pearls laying unloved + yet when you discover the healing benefits of Pearl you will see how PERFECT they are for the modern woman.

Pearl Positive Benefits:

  • Calming, centering, inner peace + promotes skin radiance
  • Reconnects you to your feminine spirit, inner wisdom, strength + love…
  • Enlightens the mind, inspires the moods, uplifts feelings + attunes you to life
  • Helps with purification, digestive, anxiety, fatigue, heart, sleep + lung issues
  • Brings in the Mother line…

When you adorn your Temple with Pearls:

  • Lay pearls over your heart for healing + over the thymus for a immune boost
  • Your Aura is cleansed of negative energy/psychic attack
  •  Your love vibration will lift + your aura is filled with a dreamy pearl essence
  • During meditation hold pearls for spiritual guidance, to ask for support or truth

How to Cleanse + Re-charge your Pearls:

  • Cleanse + Re-charge your Pearls under the moon
  • Give thanks to the ancestor who gifted you these beautiful Pearls
You may notice you feel more feminine too!   Wear them under outfit, around your wrist, a pearl ring or lay them over your heart as you sleep.Notice what Jewellery calls to you….