Bend it like Bette Calman

I was on the Today show yesterday doing yoga with my family & can you believe the cameraman did a close up of me in Cobra (from behind) with wide legs & my volumptous butt clenched tight with a WEDGIE ……really – I kid you not!

Interestingly – that is what I focused on all day – my butt….clenched with wedgie!
why oh why did they keep that in? I was so embarrassed!……

I focused on that all day instead of acknowledging that I spoke well, my mum was inspirational, my son spoke well (even if he cant touch his toes) & my grandson is a little yogi in the making………
Noooo – I just focused on my clenched butt with wedgie!

Why is it that we focus on what is negative & what is not working….

As my students arrived at class this morning – we all had a good belly laugh at my butt being on wide screen.
My ex husband commented that I looked well on TV ………..
and i was able to focus on all the positive things of being on the Today show with my family……& sometimes you just got to laugh!


3 thoughts on “Bend it like Bette Calman

  1. Love this post Susanne! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing this with humour and reminding us how easy it can be to focus on the negative. S xx

    1. Thanks Sofia!
      Yes it is so easy to find oneself into that downward spiral of negative thinking & heavy emotions…
      funnily enough I saw the video the other day again and it was not that bad at all.
      It made me realize how much we create such drama in our minds

    2. Yes sofia
      I agree as someone who is quite intense and serious, I do find it hard to ‘laugh’ at myself. But you know; it didnt kill me and I actually felt really good laughing at my clenched butt with wedgie.

      there are times you just have to laugh!!!

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