Mind Body Spirit Festival

A big thank you to everyone who visited the Feminine Spirit stand at Mind Body Spirit Festival in Melbourne.

To my friends, family & clients who supported me I say merci becoup to YOU!

in order of appearance

Trudy & Martine for lending me furniture
Indre for guidance in creating the space for Feminine Spirit & holding my hand when it all started to get a bit too much!
Lisa who gave her time & energy on the Friday even though she was dealing with her own challenging times …
Martine who worked on Saturday & dressed in total ‘feminine spirit style’

Bette Calman

To my 85 year old nearly blind mother Bette Calman who stood for 9hrs a day for 2 days at the festival.
Her presence alone bought people to my stand.  Some took photos, some told her how they had been influenced by her energy.   I had to force her to sit down & rest!
She wanted to help me & she did.  It was a lovely 2 days to spend with her.
Stall holders came out to meet her as she walked with my daughter through the festival.

To my daughter Ashlee for even wanting to be there to support me& walked my mother around the festival so she could see it.

Calman’s ready for action!

To Silvia, Arte Ma who texted & emailed their support.

Then there were those who came to the festival showering me with well wishes, hugs & to Jody who arrived with a bottle of Moet for me to celebrate later with.

Last and not least – my husband Richard who drove me to & from the festival each day & took me out to dinner each night.  This allowed me to simply focus on the festival without worrying about the minor details.

Whatever way I looked at it……..I was surrounded by an abundance of love & caring from everyone………I hope this radiated out into my stand.

Ashlee & Susanne

2 thoughts on “Mind Body Spirit Festival

  1. Congratulations Susanne!
    Glad to read about the success.
    That expo stall looks quite nice.
    All the best!

    1. thanks Max
      it was an experience to do it all and I am very glad that I took the plunge and presented my new business to the world..

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