Body Balance

Is your energy flagging?  Here are some tips to support body balance. 
So many people begin the New Year with detoxes which is great to detox the body of all those toxins.  But there are some extra things we detox from too that will really support your energy levels.

These following tips will help to detox your your spiritual antenna for vision, dreaming and connection.  Your Pineal Gland will thank you for it….

  • Purchase a water filter to decrease the amount of fluroride you are drinking.
  • Detox your beauty cabinet to decrease the amount of chemicals your putting on your skin.  If you can’t pronounce something on the packaging then it ain’t good for you.Keep your products simple.  Buy Cruelty Free.  And just because it says it’s organic it will often still have chemicals in them.    Visit your health food shop to discover some of the incredible Australian Made healthy alternatives.

    Having said that.  Choose your poison wisely.  If you have a fave product and can’t bear to ditch it….don’t.  Detox something else.

  • See a Naturopath to have your own herbal tincture made up to support your wellness.
  • Shop at Farmers Markets or Artisan Bakers who don’t use bleached, gmo wheat.  You’ll be amazed at how different you feel and your Pineal will feel better too!
  • Go organic where you can.  Eat simply and naturally.  Add a few high-vibe foods to your daily intake, cacao, spirulina, coconut oil, tahini, garlic, celtic sea salt, lemons, honey.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar is your new BF.  It restores alkalinity, it’s a tonic, supports gut health, great for those with yeast issues etc etc etc.
    1 tablespoon in hot water with a little honey goes along way to soothing sugar cravings too!

Love your body and it will love you back.