Hair – the barometer of your health.

One of the first aspects of impending ill-health will be lank and lifeless hair.  Your hair  relates to your spirit and when you are feeling good your hair will reflect that and vice versa.

Few of us are happy with our natural hair we all seem to want what we don’t have.  We would send Hairdressers broke if we suddenly accepted our hair.

If you know my Mama (pictured) she has a full head of shiny hair and has only ever used  lanolin to get the shine and swears yoga has kept her hair healthy.

In my 40’s I decided to grow out my blonde streaks and see what my natural colour actually looked like.  Now into my mid 50’s my hair is a natural Ash with fine silver streaks.  I love it!  I’ve also received more compliments about my hair colour than I ever did as a bottle blonde.

But more importantly there is a sense of acceptance of self with where I am at in life and not trying to hide it.

Inna Segal states “Your hair is your insulation and protection.  It represents beauty, creativity, self-worth and self-love”.    Interesting don’t you think since none of us accept our hair as nature intended.

Ageing + Balding she adds “When there is too much tension in the scalp from thinking, worrying, fear, holding onto anger, frustration, guilt, resentment or sadness, hair starts to fall out or changes colour.  This is your body’s way to show you that what you are doing is not working – remember your body is always talking to you…..

Louise Hay states “Hair represents strength.  When we are tense and afraid we create bands of steel that originate in the shoulder muscles and come up over the head and around the eyes.   The hair shaft is squeezed so tight that it can no longer breath and it dies and falls out.     Notice when you are happy your hair looks amazing.

Crowning Glory Tips:

Mentally tell your “Scalp relax”  keep repeating + notice how relaxed your scalp becomes.  Keep repeating this and your face + body will relax too!  Notice how relaxed you feel after your hair is washed at the hairdressers!    

Massage your scalp in gentle circular movements  – gradually getting stronger until you start yawning.  Use a hair masque or coconut oil and when your sleepy go to bed.

Seek regular neck and shoulder massages either from a paid or unpaid source.

Let the sunshine see your scalp – imagine the rays moving thru your scalp and hair making it softer, shinier and more lustrous.

Let your hair get greasy when you can.

Give it a break from products and instruments of torture.

Improve your nutrition.

Invest in a good shampoo + conditioner from your local health food shop that is kinder to your scalp, the environment and no testing on animals.