Dry Mouth

Have you been experiencing dry mouth?  Over the last few years this has become a real problem for me and recently I am now waking up through the night with my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth.  Oh what to do?

Top Tips:

  • Get tested to rule out is diabetes
  • Get the teeth cleaned + gums checked
  • Detox from 1 thing at a time to note any positive changes in how you feel
  • Focus on chewing your food properly to help the digestive process
  • Turn off the news as you eat and focus on eating consciously
  • See a naturopath for herbal + homeopathic support
  • Give your liver a break and eat easy to digest foods
  • Wean yourself off booze, the ciggies and soft drinks
  • Boost your intake of greens via juices, salads + vegies
  • Avoid commercial mouth rinses to clean up bad breath – instead focus on diet
  • Practice breathing through your nose
  • Put a slice of fresh ginger in one cheek will help to stimulate salivary glands
  • Foot Reflexology to shift toxins from the body
  • Ask yourself ‘what are you really thirsty for’?

Louise Hay states “The mouth represents taking in of new ideas and nourishment”
The affirmation is :  I nourish myself with love.

Imbalance within the mouth “Set opinions, closed mindedness, incapacity to take in new ideas”.   Does this sound right?  It hit a note with me…
The affirmation is:   I welcome new ideas + concepts and prepare them for digestion and assimilation.

Mouthy Meditation:

Focus on your mouth, tongue, teeth +  gums…How does it feel inside?  Is it fresh or stale?
If your mouth could speak to you now what would it say?
The mouth is so overworked  with all that eating, talking, connecting, chatting, gossiping, bitching, laughing and loving.
Imagine breathing white light in through the mouth – swish it around like you are rinsing your mouth.  Blow the staleness out …   Wriggle your jaw, relax your mouth and repeat.

Emotionally + Mentally:

  • Speak your mind – get those words out so that the throat is clear and energy flows
  • Open your mind up to something new
  • Lift your mind by focusing on what is working in your life
  • Smile and let it touch your heart
  • Chant OM to cleanse the throat chakra
  • Play music and sing your little heart out…for joy (do you remember what that is?)


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