Great things happen when you feel good in your jeans….

In my mid 40’s I steadily + rather easily grew from a size 10 to 16 and I suddenly developed a love of Kaftans +  Trackie Dacks to hide myself + to top it off I was peri-menopausal, miserable + cranky as hell and eating to self soothe with rather hefty results!

I needed to change ME – inside out and from core to surface!

I wrote a list of everything that wasn’t working in my life and my career, marriage, family were the top 3.   Jeez…. where does one begin?

The first thing off my list was to sell my Yoga Centre which didn’t shift my weight but it did lighten  my heart + restore a sense of inspiration + happiness.

Inner work cannot be rushed or forced.  Take one step at a time to address any unresolved issues on all levels of what is on your list.

During this time I was hosting my Retreats where we enjoyed fresh healthy food and I began to notice upon my return home that I no longer wanted the same food that I used to.  I naturally eliminated or decreased one at a time meat, dairy, coffee (from 14 a week to 2), wheat, chicken and processed foods.   My taste buds + weight were changing! 

By eliminating one item at a time it gives your body time to detox the toxicity physically,  emotionally + mentally from pre-conception to present!
By listening to your body about what is right to eliminate + doing it slowly you will have greater success and when you feel it’s right move onto the next food item.

In meditation I received an insight about RAW Foods and this would be key to my weight loss what I didn’t understand it would change my life one mouthful at a time.
I was turning 50 and I was happier but still not feeling good in my jeans so I created my own “Bali Rejuvenation Retreat” with simple living food + juices (and no carrot sticks) as the basis.  When I returned home I had easily dropped a dress size + felt amazing! 

Over the next 18 months I lost another two dress sizes and magically stopped emotional eating,  dealt with marriage + family issues, stopped swallowing my tongue + keeping the peace.    A new me was a coming + me liked it big time!   

I was so inspired and I wanted to learn new things so I took a sabbatical from teaching + took up Pilates, studied French, B-School, Holistic Nutrition + trained as a RAW Food Chef in Bali.  C’est superb!

I discovered a passion for living food and I re-discovered a passion for my life and magically the weight fell away with the old me + a new me emerged!

My top tips for long lasting weight loss…

  • Write a truthful list of everything that is not working for you
  • Use kinesiology, reiki + acupuncture to support the inner changes
  • Address underlying emotional + mental issues
  • When comfort eating ask “What are you really hungry for?” + give it to self
  • Book a Feminine Spirit Retreat for inspiration, nourishment + guidance
  • Detox your pantry
  • Get tested for Candida
  • Ditch old cookbooks + buy a healthy cookbook – VegieHead is fab
  • Put the whole family on a living food diet – they will all benefit
  • Buy some RAW chocolate for those rainy days
  • Add more RAW food + less processed CRAP to your diet
  • Slowly eliminate soft drink + replace with water
  • Decrease one at a time – coffee, wine, dairy, meat, chicken
  • If you over-indulge don’t indulge in guilt
  • Don’t deprive yourself when dining out – just go quiet the next day
  • Shop at farmers markets + local stores for organic produce
  • Grow your own herbs + buy some fresh spices to season dishes
  • Ditch the trackie dacks
  • Book  a stylist to inspire a new look for the new you
  • Discover a new physical activity to shake your energy up
  • Make a list of 10 things you have always wanted to do
  • What have you put off that could contribute to your health + happiness

I had the saying “Great things happen when you feel good in your jeans” on my vision board and that was my goal to feel good!
I am still curvy and more than that I am happy in my life + heart!

What is the best that could happen if you started with a fresh living food diet today?

Leave a comment below about what has helped you feel good in your jeans?
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