I give myself permission to……..

In his book, Full Catastrophe Living, John Kabat-Zin talks about the relationship between the amount of change a person goes through in a year and what affect that has on their health. 
He states ” death of loved one, divorce, imprisonment, injury or illness, getting married, getting fired from work, retirement, pregnancy, sexual problems,  changes with work, taking out a mortgage, outstanding personal achievement, change in living conditions, change in personal habits, going on holiday and getting a traffic ticket”, as the types of changes that cause the greatest impact on our health.

Upon reflection I had experienced nine of the items on his list in 2013!  No wonder I am feeling the way I do!
How do I feel?  I dont know…. I have been on auto-pilot ploughing along and that tells me alot and the news is not good.
I am craving space, quietness, me-time and silence ~ I have ideas + inspiration but no energy or motivation to see them through…    I have been there for everyone but now I need to be there for me.

As a healer I am always advising people to take a break from caring for others so that they can devote their undivided attention to their own self care and I needed to heed my own words.

It is when you pause in life that you can really feel the truth of how you feel.

I needed to do less for others and more pausing and healing for me, so that I could re-connect to my mind and body and give it what it needed.

I have just spent a few days at our beach shack at Olivers Hill, I walked along the beach, I meditated, I wrote in my journal, I sat in every chair in the house and just looked at the garden.   I ate simply and went to bed early and I spoke to no-one and it was divine!!!

I am back now in Williamstown and will enjoy teaching my Pop Up yoga for New Years Eve and then shall retreat to the beach house again for a few weeks and it is here I will enjoy the bliss of being disconnected from the frantic world for a while.

I will give myself permission to pause and reflect on all that changed in my life and all that continues to change…….

What will you give yourself permission to……?