Messages from loved ones who have passed….

I once heard an interview with a counsellor who stated “a grieving parent was wasting their time + money by visiting a psychic to contact their child ~ their heads want it to be true but what you are doing is stopping the healing process + are lying to yourself”
She was clinical with no feeling, no warmth + no understanding and I kept asking myself ‘where is the heart in all of this’….

I think her view is absolute bulltish because its about the heart which is full of feelings + emotions….

The messages I have received from my two stillborn babes has not hindered my healing in anyway + have only bought me comfort.
I feel my father sends me a feather as his sign he is communicating with me + just when I am at a crossroads in life ~ voila!  A feather appears and I just know he is around!  Thanks Dad!

As an intuitive healer I am blessed to receive messages for my clients + yes there are tears because they have been held in so tight…they need to flow, the emotion needs to be released so that healing can continue.

What always amazes me is how many women felt their loved one was around them but felt stupid so they dont say anything.
Some leave feeling fantastic + some leave feeling sad ~ but its truthful and real because the mask is off.
When I contact them a little later all feel lighter in their hearts + brighter in their outlook.

My advice to you is to trust your feminine intuition ~ look for the signs + seek a healing with a trusted source to connect….

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