Feminine Spirit Retreat ~ Amarant Yarra Valley

A luxury weekend retreat to nourish the feminine spirit with yoga, relaxation, reiki, raw beauty, vibrational medicine + fresh living food.
I was  blessed to share this retreat with 9 beautiful women who prioritized their needs + embraced this life changing retreat experience with open hearts + minds.

They arrived Friday full of tension but a gentle feminine spirit yoga class soon began to help them to unwind into the bliss of Amarant.
The Celestial Room where we practised our yoga had stunning views of the Yarra Valley and the beauty of nature helped us to get out of our heads + float down into our hearts where we could truly let go!

Our own ‘Raw Gourmet Chef’ ~ Paul from Fresh Fork created dishes that were sublime; the flavours and tastes captivated us each + every meal.
I love this aspect of the Feminine Spirit Retreats ~ the healing + transformational power of food!  It is why I want to become a RAW food Chef myself!
Within 12 hours of beginning a fresh living food diet we were all feeling lighter in body + mind.

Feminine Spirit Retreats understands the importance of ‘time + space to be’.  Whether it is to sit + read, to laze around + do nothing, to chat to new found friends or to enjoy an afternoon siesta ~ a woman needs time + space to discover what she actually needs!  Because sometimes she has no idea ~ she has just been on auto pilot!

I held an impromptu RAW Beauty facial massage and we used an organic coconut oil to massage into the face to release the mask of tension + to stimulate master acu points for a deeper release.  We then used a gentle scrub made from mandarin juice, almond meal + honey to brighten the skin followed by a fresh aloe vera mask to tighten the skin.  We finished with a  cocoa butter moisturizer!  We completed this rather delicious afternoon with a long relaxation + rose quartz energy facial.  Voila!  ~ they all looked 5 years younger!

Our last day at Amarant was blue sky + sunshine and the yoga room was filled with sunlight + warmth ~ none of us wanted to leave.
After lunch I shared insights + self care tips for after the retreat to deepen the retreat process.

These women attending the Feminine Spirit Retreat because they knew on some level that they needed to ‘retreat’, but also something about the retreat spoke to her + they listened and were richly rewarded with a deep and long lasting renewal of body + soul.
They have all returned to their lives more present to their health, families + work priorities in a much more balanced way.

When a woman takes care of herself ~ She is taken care of…….that is one of my motto’s with the retreat ~ its hard to leave your life + there will always be many committments, responsibilities + reasons why you cant retreat ~ but if you do…..then life will rise up to meet you + you will be supported in new ways!

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