My Mother ~ My Self….

I plastered honey all over my face this morning as I pottered around getting ready for the day and when hubby leaned in to say goodbye he got a sticky cheek to kiss and in that moment I  had become my mother!  (and why is that a bad thing?)
I used to whinge about having to kiss Mum goodbye with that bloody sticky cheek and would watch in teenage horror as she would add natural yogurt to nourish the skin and finish off with a little lemon in water to tone and and don’t even get me started on the banana skins or strips of aloe vera for any skin cancer issues.
I mean she could get free Clarins and here she was ‘feeding her face’ with fruit + veg!

When I stopped seeing my Mum through the lens of youth I was able to see how much ancient wisdom + knowledge she had passed down to me which I have now used as the foundation of “Feminine Spirit” .

My mother – My self!  there is actually a book by the same name which I am going to hunt down and read!

So I would like to share this simple beauty treatment courtesy of Bette Calman.


Today my skin felt dry and looked  quite lackluster so into the pantry I go…and you could use this as a bath time beauty masque….

  • Splash cold water on your face, rinse eyes + mouth to cool them from sleep
  • Smear organic honey onto your face + throat and leave it to tighten 20 mins
  • Massage organic coconut oil all over your face + leave it to soak in for 20 mins
  • Gently pat organic yogurt onto the face + leave for 20 mins (or as long as you can)
  • Massage + rinse off with warm water + flannel to remove
  • Splash cold over the skin with a drop of lemon juice.

Voila! your skin will glow

But my thoughts go back to why is it so bad to be like our Mum’s?
Why do we cringe when our partner says you are becoming your Mother?
It is like the worst thing to say to a woman?  why?

Our mothers packed our suitcase for life – so why do we think were not like her?

I am grateful for my Mum and her quirks they often form the basis of many things I do.
I inherited many of good and bad qualities + quirks ….sometimes I do things without even knowing why I do them and I realize because I have watched my Mum for 52 years do that same thing.

I learned alot about myself when I was caring full-time for Mum and I have the wisdom, power + knowledge to change what attitudes + patterns that don’t honour me…and trust me there are alot!

I am not my mother but I am from her….
I am me!

What have you learned from your Mum?  Where are you like your Mum?
I would love to know