Natural Body + Beauty Detox

I’ve been slowly detoxing my beauty + body products over the years + prefer to make my own or support Australian natural + cruelty free.   The secret is to keep it simple.

The Beauty Industry is a toxic, profitable + unregulated biz ( just behind Weapons in $$$$) i.e. Talc is in makeup + yet it can cause Cancer!.    It’s up to us to get fussy about what goes ONTO + INTO our body via our largest organ – the skin.  For our HEALTH.

Recently when dogsitting I went to the bathroom + the chemical overload of all the beauty products nearly took my head clean off.  In that moment I began to question the whole industry more than ever.   Companies want profits + we want health.  Look after YOU!!

HAIR   ~   Nature knows best so go Au Naturale!

Join the Silver Sisterhood  ~  Liberate yourself from the BS sold to us that we are not enough as we are.  
Dry Shampoo   ~   Organic Bi-Carb massaged into the scalp + brush out.
Lacklustre Hair   ~   1tbs Bi-Carb in 1C of water to remove chemical build up + rinse.
Hair Treatment    ~   Coconut oil massaged onto wet hair + wrap in a warm towel for 20mins
Conditioner   ~   Break off some Aloe Vera leaf + massage into wet hair…
Hair Spray   ~    Boil 2C water + 1 tble sugar till dissolved.  Mist wet hair + style. 

I will be soon making my own Shampoo, Soap + Dishwasher Tablets next… stay tuned.

BODY    ~   Create your own detox health spa at home…

~   2C coffee grinds,  1/2C raw sugar + 4tble olive oil.  Massage in large circles.
Spa   ~   Epsom Salts, Bi-Carb or Sea Salt, dash of oil, herbs from the garden + candles..


FACE   ~   Nourish your skin during your bathing ritual for a radiant glow

Scrub   ~   Almond Meal, 1tsp honey, 1/2 tsp orange juice.  Blend + apply to damp face.
Masque   ~   Blend 1/2C Yogurt + 1tble honey.  Massage in + re-apply as honey tightens.  Night Serum    ~    1/2 tsp aloe gel + 1/2 tsp macadamia nut oil blended. Pat on damp face.

TEETH  ~  The health of your teeth affect your whole body.

Bi-Carb ~ Dip your wet brush into the Bi-Carb + brush away.  Rinse well.
Pro-biotic Toothpaste ~ 4tble coco oil, 2-4 tble baking soda, 1 pro-biotic capsule
5 drops of cinnamon, clove or peppermint EO (optional).  Blend + store in glass jar.

Enjoy creating a few natural recipes that will lessen the toxic load for your body.


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