Pre-Christmas ‘breathing space’ visualizaton

If you are exhausted from a big year and the pressure of a busy festive season is starting to wear you down – then this simple visualization may really help.


Close your eyes and picture yourself to be seated in a beautiful scene of nature.
Surrounding you are all the things you have to do, the shopping, cooking, work obligations, the lists etc etc etc
add in all the expectations of family and friends,
fill any spaces with financial pressures, family dramas, relationship issues
top it off with your emotions and feelings that each of these bring up for you.

And its all sooooo close to you that you can barely breath…..
Can you feel it ?

Look at it all before you ~ (no wonder your exhausted/stressed/run down/worn out)
What commitments can you shed to give yourself some space so you can honour your needs and energy?

Inhale a soft nourishing breath into your belly & gently blow one by one each of these (and any more you can think of) away.
Just far enough way to create ‘breathing space‘ between you and them.

Can you feel the difference already?

Do this as many times as you need.

Notice what ones remain in your field of energy ….
Do they need your attention now? If not blow them away.
See yourself present and engaged to what remains in your vision.
Breathe and Be