New Year Ritual Workshop

2012 – the year for personal power, creativity, magic and mystery.

Take time away from the busy-ness of your life – to focus with a clear and positive on creating an inspiring year that will feed your soul…
A workshop that will fuse heart based yoga, chanting, visualization, transformational relaxation with reiki, inspirational music and insights…

2012 the year to shine

2012 is the year to …..


stand in your ‘I-am’ (power)…
to walk your path in life with an  open & trusting heart….
to dream the dream…
to live a life that you love to look at…..
to take a chance…..

are you ready?
Facilitated by Susanne Calman ~ wise woman /  teacher / healer 24yrs experience
3rd February Williamstown Yoga 6.30pm-8.15pm
18th February Ohana Yoga – Albert Park 7-9pm
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