Lammas Celebration 2-4th Feb

Lammas  comes from the Old English words ‘hlaf-maesse’
It is the first of the festivals of the pagan year ~ where the first grains from the crop were baked and blessed.  Great celebrations were enjoyed in the villages, with everyone sharing their bread, mead and good fortune with others.

How does the modern gal celebrate this?….

Tonight enjoy a lovely soak in the tub with herbs from the garden & some sea salt.
Burn candles, put a face mask on and rest……
Reflect on the year that has already passed and find gratitude for the blessings that you have already received.

Tthe vibe of Lammas is ‘eat, drink and make merry’ ~ gather with good friends, enjoy great wine and delicious food and of course ~ have lots of laughter!!!
Prior to Lammas we have Australia Day, a day to celebrate our good fortune to live in the lucky country…..  if you didnt pause to be grateful, you can do this during the Lammas festival.
Note all the things you love about living in Australia, being an Australian.  Take your shoes off and walk in nature!…

Since Lammas is about the grain ~ its a good time to pause and give thanks for how easy we have it compared to our ancestors.  Now-a-days we can just pop down to the local supermarket or deli and get an amazing array of delicious breads!  To them a good crop was the difference between life and death!

Lammas also tells us the wheel of the seasons is beginning to turn and Autumn is on her way…. combine that with 2012 and its all about being open to change and flow!..

Lammas is a time of abundance, transformation, re-birth and new beginnings……….

If you would like to join me for the New Year Ritual 17th Feb @ Ohana Yoga Albert Park
Combining Lammas, Water Dragon energy and spiritual new year to help you create an inspiring and uplifting year…