Spring and chakra detox

This Spring try my way of detoxing and see what happens…..  

We all know that by giving your overloaded digestion a break you will feel and look healthier.  And we all know that when you have a break from your drama fueled, over-committed and stressed out life you feel happier.

Yet, when people detox they often focus only on the diet but if you want to take your spring clean to the next level you must do a chakra detox as well to cleanse on the deeper and often invisible layers.  Here we go…

Do’s and don’ts when detoxing:

  • Reduce outside stimulation i.e. sound abuse (constant noise) + white noise
  • Eliminate the need to be in drama (yours and other peoples)
  • Reduce busy-ness + add silence to your day
  • Turn off technology + tune in
  • Walk gently on the earth and be totally absorbed by nature.
  • Read inspiring light material not on your ipad but in book form.
  • Daily yin/hatha yoga to release old, unresolved emotions stored deep in the tissues.
  • Daily meditation to cleanse the mind of the shackles and dramas.
  • Do detoxes during time away from work
  • Don’t do detoxes at busy times of the year
  • Do have epsom salts baths
  • Do have a sauna for a deep cleanse
  • Do be kind to yourself
  • Keep a food journal to note any emotions, memories, feelings that surface

How to detox your chakras:

  • Muladhara Chakra = base energy centre
    Walk, swim, move the body, dance, yoga to shift tension from muscles…
    Shiatsu, Deep Tissue Massage, Colonics + Reflexology
    Wear red, notice red, eat red foods + juices
  • Svadhistana Chakra =sacral energy centre
    Address what’s been swept under the carpet with any relationship or financial issues.  You will know what they are – you might not want to deal with them tho.
    Journal Work, walk, dance like no-body is watching, afternoon snoozes, cook + play music that makes you want to dance when cooking dinner…..
    Lomi Lomi Massage, Bowen Therapy, Kinesiology, Reiki, Relaxation Massage
    Wear, eat orange foods and drink orange juices.
  • Manipura Chakra =gut, digestive tract, colon, liver
    Yoga, Massage + ask for your stomach to be massaged.
    Sunrise walks, find joy everyday, love your life + trust your gut
    Deal with any power issues thru kinesiology, therapy, colonics + coaching
    Address any issues where you have stalled or feel stuck in life (as you detox so will the body and insights will flow…)
    Yellow is the colour, so hop out into the sunlight to enhance your energy.
  • Anaharta Chakra =heart centre
    Yoga, guided relaxation, cupping, spooning, deep tissue massage.
    Seek therapy to help you receive joy, love AND release fear, anger + sadness.
    Notice the love you do have in your life and soak it up or do you not allow yourself to receive such love?  Notice what lights your heart up.
    Green is the colour, eat green foods, drink green juices, nature is calling you
  • Vishuddi Chakra= throat centre
    Yoga, neck exercises, neck massage, lymphatic drainage massage + acupuncture Have a communication cleanse by saying exactly what you need to say when you need to say it.  Notice how it feels when you swallow your tongue.
    Listen to the words you say and the ones you don’t.
    Listen to what others are saying to you + most importantly listen to your heart.
    Blue is the colour so be under blue skies, wear blue, accessorize with blue
  • Ajna Chakra =third eye chakra
    Have an intellectual cleanse by listening to your thoughts are they as toxic to you as sugar, dairy or wheat? What happens to your energy when you think these toxic thoughts?  Notice your reaction energetically….and do a thought detox.
    Work with affirmations, morning pages, kinesiology to turn your mind around to a healthier direction + reiki to shift stuck mental energy.
    Turn the TV off, walk at night or stand under a night time sky, imagine your mind like outer space….what are you going to fill it with …space junk or stars?
    Indigo calls you under the night time sky, eat purple foods, wear purple + crystals.
  • Saharasra Chakra =crown chakra
    Have a spiritual cleanse thru contemplation, nature, yoga, meditation + reiki.
    Create good feelings of emptiness, space, doing nothing, being still and notice how it makes you feel….do you suddenly want to get busy?
    What is new that you would like to bring into your life?
    White is the colour but no white foods for you….crystals, clothes + accessories

A spring detox when combined with a chakra detox will have you looking and feeling fabulous.  You will feel more vibrant and have so much more energy.
Do the areas of your life that call to you, choose one food group and plan your detox so that you have the time required.  You may detox each chakra for a month and see how it feels…  Play with it.  Have fun..  and go get em…..

X Susanne