The end of the year brings…..

with it a deeply reflective time.  You have changed + so much has changed within your life…..So allow the last few hours of 2013 to be one of deep + honest reflection…

Hold off doing your New Year Intentions until after January 2 and dont stress if it doesnt feel right to do them until mid January.
It is actually better with the current energies to focus more on ‘letting go’….of what you are not willing to take with you into the New Year…
You may have already felt the desire to spring clean your house, drawers, cupboards ~ if so brilliant!  Keep going….I bet you feel so much lighter!

So what needs to be let go of?  It will what has challenged you most!  What has pushed your buttons most!  Oh dear!
It aint easy but this is a time of zero tolerance (and you may even be feeling this now) about whether you will continue on the same path or things need to change.
Do you need to stop, leave, continue, speak up, say NO, grit your teeth, delete, add, adjust or walk away….from a situation, person or way of being?
The universe will support you with courage as 2014 is the year to re-define who you are….

If you are a comfort zone person you may be required to take a leap of faith.  If you are a person who charges forth in life you may be required to pause + wait.
2014 will ask you to develop new qualities to support you in becoming more of who you wish to be….and how you want to live.

Here is your to-do-list to support this amazing transformational time


  • Say NO to being pulled into other peoples dramas ~ so that you can restore your clarity of mind + lightness of heart
  • Remove yourself from spending time with those who weaken your energy + vitality
  • Be with those who honour + respect YOU.  Say NO to spending time with those you are always trying to please or keep the peace with.
  • Have a foot/body scrub + enjoy an Epsom Salts bath + 1 cup of apple cider vinegar to clear your aura ~ then shower the residue off

January 2014

  • Go for a walk along the beach or in the gardens
  • To ground yourself into the New Year ~ have a foot reflexology or body treatment
  • If you feel scattered keep clearing out the closets + drawers of your home ~ it will help you to ground into the New Year + to discover inspiration for all the possibilities it may bring.
  • Get out into the beauty of nature, come to Pop Up Yoga, find joy in the simple things
  • Show those you love ~ your love,
  • Be in gratitude.
  • Write your intention list with no limitations

Create your life in 2014 with intention + energy…

Blessed be