January 2014

The theme for January is GET READY, GET SET…..

As we move through January the energy moves to Ready, Set GO…..gosh doesnt that sound fabulous?  trouble is you may feel completely weighed down by the baggage of 2013 + beyond and not feeling too inspired for anything.

Use mid January to re-define + re-work aspects of your life + career that need addressing.  Tie up loose ends and take slow + steady baby steps towards your vision (leap of faiths can begin from February!)

2014 energy will pick up in late January and you will feel ready to take action + the universe will give you ‘signs’ to let you know you are on the right pathway (with lots of ahh-hahhhh moments) to back this up.  If you try to take action and you are not ready it will result in chaos + confusion;  so pause for a little longer + trust me by February things will shift for you.

In 2014 just make the decision to not buy into other peoples dramas.  Decide to be a drama~less queen to keep your energy clear + these dramas will only distract you from what you need to do.

Just when things start to flow in late January some old wounds, fears, issues and self-doubts will rise and these will all be in relation to what intentions you have set…so book in for your intuitive healing to gain understand + clear this energy so that this does not derail you.

Australia Day is high energy and you will either feel the party girl or in need of solitude.  Let your spirit guide you here but listen + honour it.
Big gratitudes on Australia Day for the ancestors who came to this land and for the freedom it gives us as women….

BeChinese New Year (Friday 31st January) re-visit your 2014 intentions and if need be create some space in your day to re-write them; because by late January you are more settled into the energy of 2014 and you may have greater clarity or just feel more inspired.

Be grateful for all that is working really well ….and bring on February!