RAW food facial massage ….

Combining my love of massage + healing (lomi lomi/relaxation training) with my passion of RAW food + beauty to create a new treatment.
It has been a dream for many years to create RAW food facials and its all coming together for me in 2014!

I am studying Holistic Nutrition + will undertake RAW food chef + RAW food beauty training in Bali in March….and continue with further studies in Melbourne.
I have been making my own RAW food beauty products since I was a child and I am so excited to finally be living my dream….

Please note that I am not a trained beauty therapist but a massage + healing therapist….so its not a ‘facial’….

I would love you to come + enjoy a treatment whilst allowing me to fine tune my skills as I further develop new treatments….

RAW Beauty + Soul ~ Facial Rejuvenation 1hr treatment $75 (therapist in training price)
Honey, flaxseed oil + milk compress is applied to the face to prepare + moisturize the skin
Organic Coconut Face + Neck massage followed by Reiki for the key stress areas + acu points of the face to deepen the release process
Concluding with an Aloe Vera (freshly picked from my garden) + Organic Rosehip serum.
Drooling will be guarenteed!

RAW Beauty + Soul ~ Facial Rejuvenation 1hr $75

I look forward to helping your inner beauty + outer radiance to shine…BOOK NOW OR call 93973015

RAW Beauty Blessings