The magic of menopause

This post is was inspired by an experience I had a few years ago….

Whilst in Alice Springs we were dining with another couple when I mentioned how I was struggling with the heat because I was going through menopause!
Oh dear, I’d made the fatal mistake of mentioning the ‘M’ word in public/mixed company and to a younger woman.  The ‘M’ word floated around us like a bad smell as she said  “don’t mention that word to me; I don’t want to know about it”.  Her husband was clearly wishing the earth would swallow him up so he didn’t have to look at me and my husband  leans in to whisper out the corner of his mouth “why did you say that no-one needs to know” and I’m pretty sure our waiter fainted too because of that nasty word floating thru the ether of his restaurant.

In that moment I decided to speak up about the magick, mystery + wisdom of menopause so that it was no longer a dirty word.

The journey from peri-menopause to menopause is different for everyone and one way I would have personally described it was PMT on steriods.

I also intuitively knew that it was called ‘the change’ for a reason…. Yes; things are changing within your body but there are also incredible changes occurring within as yo connect to your wisdom mind, your true heart and forge a deeper connection to your soul.  What’s not to love about that because menopause leads you home to your truth, potential, power and your deepest wisdom.

For many it’s a time of being in limbo with the care of elderly parents, parents passing over, bidding farewell to friends, retiring, working due to financial issues, marriage breakdowns, new relationships whilst watching your offspring spread their wings on their own journey and of course welcoming the joys of grandchildren.…

Society bombards us with images + hidden agendas about older women and their value in society.  I choose to ignore all of that patriarchal crap and focus on what I say and believe in.  I always support brands and businesses that employ wise women.    Don’t get me wrong there are days I look in the mirror and wonder where the hell did all those wrinkles come from!  But mostly we need to be aware of what propaganda we buy into, what stories we believe and how we view ourselves and other women.

Make your mind up to transition into the ‘wise woman’ with ease by choosing to open up to life’s mysteries and basically decide to damn well enjoy the journey.  It will all depend on your mind with how you choose to think, your attitudes and beliefs!

I decided to embrace menopause with a passion so that I could inspire other women to welcome this natural cycle of life.

I had squandered so much of my youth on not respecting my truth, value and power and I sure as hell wasn’t going to waste this 2nd half ofmy life doing the same thing…

Acts of Love for the Wise Woman

  • Address any menstrual issues with Acupuncture to help you ease into menopause
  • Men-o-pause – take a pause from men + book a Feminine Spirit Retreat
  • View your life with clear eyes + take baby steps with making changes
  • Grey is the new black – let your grey be seen
  • Pick up some travel flyers on places you’ve always wanted to visit
  • Buy Christine Northrup MD “The Wisdom of Menopause”
  • Create a vision board for the next chapter of your life
  • Be seen and heard
  • Your ovaries are not dying they are changing – just like YOU
  • Say NO to botox and YES to the history held in your face
  • Own your age and be proud – you earned it!
  • Say NO to others and YES to you
  • Sign up for a course that you have always been interested in
  • Dress fabulously not frumpy
  • Be fabulously frumpy on the days you want to be
  • Discover a passion and follow it with passionate purpose
  • Babysitting is a gift you bestow not a right to be demanded
  • Book a Feminine Spirit Retreat to recapture your flirty spark
  • Try a new physical pursuit to re-energize your body
  • Have fun + spend the inheritance (o.k. well some of it then)
  • Catch up with your kids and enjoy who they are
  • Get a make-up, colour + wardrobe makeover for a style + look that suits the new you (I asked for this for my 50th birthday ….best pressie ever)
  • Wear clothes that feel comfortable
  • Less is more with makeup
  • Get your brows done (it’s like a face lift without the side affects)
  • Martin + Pleasance Harmony “Menopause Blend” ~ A miracle in a box
  • Change your diet – add more raw
  • Remove one by one dairy, wheat + processed foods (as much as you can)
  • Seek support to change outdated beliefs, thoughts + attitudes in regards to age
  • Say yes to making the 2nd half of your life – better than ever
  • Plan your 2nd chapter NOW

Join me in writing a new chapter to your life story and whilst it won’t be the same it will be better because as a wise woman you will always be a better version of you….

It is time dear woman to live, be, act, speak and love in new ways that honour and treasure  the wise woman within…and to hold the light for other women on the journey.


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