The theme for December is “ahimsa”

The media is so focused on terror + violence that it can leave you feeling, well… terrified + fearful!  STOP and start to practice “Ahimsa” – non-violence or compassion to self.  Be kind, be loving, be compassionate, be forgiving, be accepting and see how that changes things.
For some December is going to be easy as your energy hums along.

Others will have aches, pains, tiredness, resistance, buzzing, sleep issues, anxiety, confusion, wild swings of energy from high to low very quickly, sore teeth, spine aching, foggy brain, sore bones, headaches or migraines may persist as the 3rd eye opens and you may suddenly feel the need to do a liver cleanse in between all the partying!  .  WTF!!

Apparently it is your entire being upgrading, transitioning, purifying + cleansing.   Oh good!
If you wanted a new beginning this is it.

This is a time of deep transition and if this resonates with you there will be a buzz within and around you so really protect your light.

Deep heart issues may leave you feeling broken hearted; you aren’t broken just wounded.  You have probably held it together for so long that it may be time to cut yourself a break and book some time alone, say NO to a few Christmas events, get a massage and always remember to breath.

As the world pauses for breath many Aussies have realized just how lucky we are and how precious our freedom is.   Let us find gratitude for this….everyday!

Forgo whinging and blaming and delving into your past…. unless the past raises it’s head then you will need to address it with clarity, responsibility and ahimsa.

You may feel like you are unraveling and it’s not a bad thing.  Allow yourself to unravel gently and slowly and gift yourself time to do so because at the end of it all will be the most delightful sense of freedom.

It’s time to open up to a new vision of your life and this can only happen if you let go…..

Tips for the month:
Honour YOU
Old wounding may surface to heal another layer – just do it!
Broken hearts may be expanding not breaking
Be patient with yourself and don’t fill the calendar up too much
Watch for signposts from the universe (they may come in 3’s)
Stop feeling sorry for yourself and do something that will shift this energy
Say NO to an invitation so you can hang out and daydream
Be with others without filling the space with empty words
Too busy for Yoga?  Find time cos your nervous system needs it
Look with fresh eyes at everything even if you have seen it so many times before
Enjoy nature – regardless of the weather
Tell people you don’t need more stuff – if you don’t want more stuff
Keep your boundaries strong around people who throw their weight around
Buy presents that can support, nurture, heal, engage, uplift and surprise
Don’t be at war within yourself – don’t add self hatred to the world hatred
Go with the flow of life and resist the resistance

Practice Good Medicine by taking care of your body + soul this December and allow Christmas to be a time of enjoyment, connection, gratitude and love – regardless of your religious preferences.


Gratitude to Lisa Brown Hawaii,  Power Path USA and my dear girlfriends…