Cleanse your space for Christmas ….

Before your tribe comes together it’s a great idea to energetically cleanse your sacred space and to set an intention for Christmas Day.   
By cleaning your home of physical + psychic debris you will be creating a happy and relaxed space for everyone to enjoy the day regardless of previous issues.  People won’t be able to ‘see’ that you have cleansed the space but they will ‘feel’ it.

Christmas Cleanse: 
Open up all the doors + windows of your home and light a sage stick or incense (frankincense or sandalwood)

Walk around your home and ‘sweep’ the incense over the walls + use a feather to push it into corners and under furniture.

Ask that all negative energy or unloving energy be cleansed from this space.

Pay attention to the kitchen for the preparation of delicious food to nourish your family
Cleanse the table where you will be eating and all of the chairs (they will hold the emotional energy of anyone who has sat in them + dumped their stuff).

Ask that any negative energy, negative thoughts or feelings are released.

Cleanse the lounge area where you will be opening presents (even cleanse the tree) these presents will all hold any resentments you have had of having to go shopping, the stress of shopping and Christmas etc.  So the receiver does not want or need that!

Ask that all negative energy, resentment, anger or bitterness be released.

Cleanse from the front door to the back and everything in between.

Now go around your home and put a tealight candle into the entry, kitchen, lounge room, dining tables and outdoor areas or wherever you will be on Christmas Day.

As you light each candle – set an intention for Christmas Day and  ‘see’ your family coming together to enjoy each other with delicious food, uplifting conversation, fun, laughter, joy, connection, family, afternoon siestas, backyard cricket, an afternoon swim and above all love. 

So for example – I would imagine each family member sitting at the table enjoying the delish food I have prepared with love and I would see everyone getting on really well!

Whatever your heart desires on Christmas Day put it into the flame and let the candle burn out..sending light out into the space.  (and don’t go out while the candles are burning!)

If there is conflict in your family this will help shift the space you will all be in to support a day of giving and receiving.  However, do watch in the lead up that your mind does not become fixated on what may happen…..focus on your intention and leave the rest.

Enjoy your day.