Essential Fertility by Susanne Calman

Essential Fertility is based on my successful 4 week Yoga for Fertility course to support conception through IVF or natural fertility.   
Now in the comfort of your own home you can reap the rewards of my 27 years as a  Yoga Teacher and 15 years as an Intuitive healer offering you my practical and spiritual wisdom concerning fertility.

Essential Fertility will support you whether you are undergoing IVF or natural fertility and will tie in beautifully with the therapies you are currently utilizing.

Essential Fertility offers the tools that you can draw upon to help you feel

Do not buy Essential Fertility if want someone else to do the work for you BUT if you are ready to feel more empowered with your fertility keep reading because you are in the right place!

Are you ready?

You will love what you receive with Essential Fertility:

You can purchased these individually or ideally buy the package for long lasting  life changing results from fertility through to pregnancy and beyond.   

Yoga for Fertility DVD:  $29.95

4 gentle and nourishing lessons that link to your cycle.  The lessons are kept short ~ so that your yoga is not another thing on your to-do-list!!   A 20 minute practice is attainable.

Meditations for Fertility CD:     $29.95

Relaxation relaxes the body, restores positive thinking, soothes the emotions and enhances feelings of confidence.  Do not make the mistake of thinking relaxation isn’t important.  It is the number one pose for fertility!  This is the perfect antidote to the adrenaline lifestyle!

Fertility Rituals e-book   $29.95

Self-care is often neglected and yet it is vital to the health of a woman’s spirit + fertility.   Rituals will be the medicine your soul has been craving.
24 pages of tips + rituals to nurture your feminine spirit!

Ancient Wisdom for Health + Healing Pack:    $9.95

This was my secret weapon with my fertility course!  An old fashioned remedy to release pelvic congestion whilst improving your fertility wellness..  Also includes extra tips to deepen the benefits.  Perfect to do at bedtime!

The course itself was valued at $375 but it’s now fantastic value on-line! 

$99.80 or buy all four for only $85 and save….

Click here to order on line 
Email me if you feel you would like extra guidance as to what will best suit your needs.
Phone enquiries 03-93973015

Let my wise woman wisdom guide and inspire you!



“I just wanted to let you know that I have thoroughly loved every minute of your on-line course.  I really needed to hear your words of wisdom and I suddenly didn’t feel so alone”.  JB – Melbourne


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