The theme for February is "Release"

You will notice you may shift from exhausted to energized, chaos to clarity, breakdown to breakthrough and for any of this to occur there has been a release somewhere within YOU or your life!

Here are some other areas you may experience or create release in.

  • Release expectations that you have of yourself + others…
  • The release of old emotional baggage ~ just witness it + it will soon flow on
  • Release committments so that you can pace yourself
  • Do a juice detox to release inner stagnation
  • Practice relaxation or meditation to release the monkey mind
  • Release trapped muscular energy by moving, dancing + shaking your booty to the ground
  • If something or someone no longer ‘fits’ ~ it is time to release yourself from it or them

Your February to-do-list

  • Prioritize your needs to balance + ground your energy
  • Live from the heart + let this be your guide as to what is right for you
  • Have a Feminine Spirit Healing to clear worry, anxiety from your heart
  • Ravensera Aromatherapy Oil to help you re-define your boundaries for the new you + new year.
  • Amethyst Crystal in your bath to cleanse the aura.
  • Pay attention to the signals from the universe + to who and what shows up in your life
  • Watch your bodies reaction to stress and take deliberate steps to make changes
  • Get a hair treatment as the hair can get a little lifeless in late Summer
  • Pop Up Yoga in nature, breathing ~ nature ~ feeling ~ being
  • Walk on the earth without shoes
  • Things that have been stuck + stagnant will begin to moveu  again ~ so be ready!

In February your foundations are still settling ~ but new power will emerge……