The theme for March is "COMMITTMENT"

March is the month to be 100% committed to the choices + decisions you need to make to bring your vision for 2014 + beyond to life.
Commitment comes from the heart + involves the soul; to keep a committment you must listen to your heart + allow the heart light to guide you ~ trust it, it will not fail you!

Committment issues surface when you are ready to try something new; a fitness regime, healthier diet, career move or a new relationship and suddenly you find yourself feeling exhausted, ambivalent, directionless, no confidence + unable to make a decision! 
What happened?
Well…..its called resistance.

Sound familiar?  If you book a healing it will ‘clean up’ your energetics + clear the mind of resistance so you can address fears + doubts.

The action of committment creates many shifts that can’t always be seen but can often be felt  ~ so allow time for this to occur without forcing things to happen.  You cannot force your vision either ~ give it freedom to fly + land when the time is right.
A healing will invite flow rather than control!

Key areas for March:
Relationships ~ in all areas of your life….self, family, mate, career, food, money, friends + children.   

Your to do-list

  • Write a practical to-do-list + follow it (even if you dont want to)
  • Resolve any outstanding issues in relation to choices + decisions
  • Note the areas of your life where you are committed
  • Move your body to shift sluggishness
  • Take committed baby steps everyday towards your vision
  • Lymphatic Drainage to release the toxic sludge to feel lighter + more energetic
  • Strengthen your solar plexus chakra with yoga, wear yellow, eat yellow foods + be in the sun

What you commit to in March will be rewarded ….trust me!