Unexplained Infertility ~ explained..

Susanne Calman is a yoga teacher, intuitive healer + retreat facilitator…and specializes in intuitive healing for fertility.

Did you read my blog on Unexplained Infertility ? if not ~ make a cup of tea, lean in + enjoy!
This time I wanted to blog about another theme I see with many of my fertility clients over + over again  ~ The daughters of migrants!
The stories + countries of orgin may differ but the weight of human emotion + feelings are exactly the same.
As an intuitive healer I see + feel the emotional energy that the daughter has been carrying for her family!

  • Imagine what it would have felt like to step off that gangplank and onto Australian soil for the 1st time?

Fear, terror, uncertanity, homesickness, sadness, grief, worry, doubt,  disconnection + powerlessness are just some of the feeling states that a daughter may carry for her parents!

During an intuitive healing for fertility the stuck emotions are released a feeling of lightness + freedom is experienced in her body + soul.

So here are a few things you can do….

  • Display treasured mementoes of your spiritual homeland in your home + play music
  • Taking time to cook your traditional food ~ start growing your own vegetables + herbs
  • Start learning the languge if you cant speak it.  If you can ~ speak to the soul of your baby in two languages!
  • Ask the wise women in your family what women used to in the old country to help them conceive.
  • Speak to your parents about the trip, the early days, the emotions + feelings….  let go of the fact they are your parents + get curious!
  • How about a trip?  Yes I know you are trying to get pregnant but I have had so many emails from overseas to say “I am pregnant”

What you will discover is:

  • A deeper form of respect for your courageous parents in making a brave decision to leave their homeland.  Could you do it?
  • You will step off the gangplank with ease + start moving forwards with greater ease + joy.

Being on the fertiity journey is a time of peeling away the layers….  and this is one layer that when released may take you closer to your dream.

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