Weekly Inspirations 11 – 17th May

I feel this week needs to be a nice blend of doing what you need to do and being kind to yourself by enjoying some me-time and in the meantime continue to manifest + move. 

Acts of Love:

  • Be disciplined in doing what you need to do
  • Get clear about what is in your way of living your best life
  • Get out of your own way
  • If you have manifested some great opportunities – keep going
  • If you are sitting in the middle of the road – you will get hit – SO MOVE!
  • Pick a drawer + clean it
  • What or who are you holding onto that has passed it’s used by date?
  • Book a coffee catch up with an inspiring friend to run your ideas past them
  • Hang out with those who have achieved a goal
  • Be open to surprises
  • If something is NQR – wait, because right timing may be what’s missing
  • Book a healing to open the channels to accept the new power + energy
  • Being a control freak – zaps your energy – let go + free up some life force
  • There is no manual for 2015 so stop asking others to tell you need to do

2015 – Trend:
I heard myself saying today “I just need to know” and as soon as I uttered those words I remembered that a trend for 2015 was to ‘release the need to know‘.
It’s a really common phrase because WE ALL feel so much safer being in control so as a
recovering control freak may I delicately suggest this week let’s all be opento having absolutely no freaking idea how it’s all going to work out + just trust that all be OK.