Weekly Inspirations ~ 21st – 27th July

What a sad news week!

Please join me in turning the TV off to protect your sensitivity ~ you can still send love + light to those who were victims of hate in the Ukraine + in Gaza but you do not need to be plugged into every news report and don’t read the newspaper either!Remember the theme of July is unfolding + the major news stories which sell papers are generally about tragedy; so instead of having the news on in the background when you are cooking dinner put some music on and put some love into your food!

So many lessons for us all at the moment in regards to love, joy, abundance, trust, beauty, acceptance and being the best human you can be!  Interesting huh when you think of the news and as you go through this post it will all in some way relate back to people who just seem hell bent on destruction of all of this.

The key is to take responsibility for everything that is coming your way; whether it is good or bad and whether you think you have asked for this or not.

Just keep being open to what is unfolding in front of you (remember ‘unfolding’ that is the theme of July).

Whatever you ignore, suppress or push down will only come back in another form that will still need to be dealt with at some point.  So make a choice to heal old wounds so you can be free from pain on any level…

This week take time out from your busy life to nurture yourself, rub a healing soothing balm over any wounds (visible + invisible ones), rest and renew your body, withdraw from battles, accept what needs to be accepted, let go of what you need to release and move on from the past especially when the use by date has long expired!

This week nurture yourself in new ways, old ways and in anyway that feels good for your spirit.

  • Run a bath  (the perfect soul treatment for this week)
  • Walk in nature + be grateful for everything you see
  • Acknowledge all the blessings of your day
  • Say NO to dramas + gossip or any media that focuses on gloom + doom, degrading human life or darkness
  • Say YES to a friend that doesn’t involve a ‘like’ on facebook
  • Work on strengthening your energy reserves
  • Music Music Music
  • Book a healing if you are experiencing irrational fears
  • Keep saying the word “open open open” to your mind, heart +energy

Be your own best friend this week……….hell girl, you deserve it!

On the comments below ~ tell me how you are feeling + what you feel you need to do to shift or enhance this…

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