My step by step guide to self-care for depression….

Depression comes from the French language ~ to de-press, to press down, of decline…and these words tell us what is needed to help with depression.

The image that I link to depression is of a volcano that is ready to erupt (an upward + outward movement) but it doesn’t erupt + it requires alot of energy to keep pushing what wants to be released back down + to keep it calm (a downward movement).  The need to erupt, to release, to let go does not go away, it will lay dormant until the conditions are right and it will try to erupt again!

My top 5 things to-d0 for Depression :

Feminine Spirit Reiki will remove the pressure valve to allow for a slow + steady release of built up energetic debris to restore balance between body + mind, heart + soul whilst offering the opportunity to discover new ways to support your health + healing.
After a healing one may feel exhausted and this shows you how much energy you have expelled to keep a lid on things and others may feel angry and whilst this is uncomfortable it needs to be felt,  expressed + acknowledged so it can be released.  Then there are some who feel light because their energetics have been rinsed clean.
Depression always has a starting point and a healing will soothe the imprint from the original experience to bring healing + awareness.

Boxing + Kick Boxing will shift energy from the legs,hips, arms, back, chest, neck + shoulders whilst giving you a feeling of self-empowerment that your life is in your hands!  Picture the bag as a person, experience or even your depression + punch/kick the bejesus out of it!  At first you may feel exhausted but this will soon shift to aliveness.  Have an epsom salts bath that night to cleanse your energetics from what has surfaced.

Food can be a tool to stuff your emotions down + this will only compound the problem.  Click here to read my post “Let food be your medicine + let medicine be your food” for depression + anxiety.  But don’t forget to come back!

Gratitudecan balance the left + right hemispheres of the brain + restore clear thinking.

Make a choice or a decision that you have been putting off because you are depressed.  You have nothing to loose + everything to gain (unless your happy to stay as you are) + when you make a choice or decision you will free up new energy.
I personally shifted layers of depressions by learning the language of my ancestors – French!  I had put it off for years and was blown away with how different I felt because I was passionate about learning.  Get out of your comfort zone + doing something you have always wanted to do but haven’t…..

Detox from anything or anyone that lowers your vibration
Detox your colon with a colonic to clear out your crap.  Detox the kidneys by drinking purified water + fresh alkaline juices.  Detox your diet, home + life, Detox your lungs by exercising to encourage deep breathing, detox the lymph glands by having a lymph drainage massage 4 times a year, detox your skin by dry brushing or doing a body scrub.
Once a week or month go quiet with juices, water, lemon water + a salad if it all sounds a little too hard!

Healing Bathing is the best way to take your medicine!  Garlic Baths (OMG) 1 bunch of garlic into a bath and the pores of the skin will open + the benefits of garlic will be drawn in through the largest organ of the body.  Epsom Salts Bath to cleanse your energetics + soothe weary muscles but shower after + visualize all the greyness flowing down the plug.

Petigrain Mist to spritz your aura before stepping out into the day.  It will help to reduce anxiety, vulnerability, anger, confusion, frustration, stagnation + enhances hope, calmness, harmony, emotional strength, wisdom, rejuvenation + openness.  Put 3 drops into a small atomizer or rub on your foot soles before falling asleep at night.

You may not kick goals the first week or month but notice how far you have come by buying some flowers for your bedside table so the first + last thing you do each day is witness beauty.

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