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Urban Renewal Retreats ~ Williamstown Urban Renewal Retreats has been a vision of mine for many years + I am so excited to share my passion for the transformational power of Feminine Spirit Retreats with you. In ancient times; women would retreat from their daily duties to rest during her moon-time.  She would share this time with other women cooking, sewing, laughing, telling story, sleeping + basically having a well-earned break!  When it was time to step back into her life, she did so feeling renewed in body, mind, heart + soul. Fast forward to modern times and sadly we no longer offer ourselves the gift of time away to rest + renew and we are poorer for it! Feminine Spirit Retreats are a fusion of this ancient ritual with a very modern twist!

The next Urban Renewal Retreat will be held on
Sunday 21st September, 10-2pm ish
Take stress off your to-do-list + re-discover your joie de vivre
Savour one of life’s simple pleasureswhere you experience

  • Feminine Spirit Yoga ~ a yoga of joyful femininity + happiness….
  • Sharing of wisdom for health + wellness
  • Home-made organic RAW delights
  • Me time
  • A sense of ease in your body +  peace in your mind
  • A reconnection to your feminine spirit

Return to your day  + live it your way ~ Voila! To book via email

susanne@femininespirit.com.au or call 03-93973015 to discover more

Yogadam Studio Level 1  ~ 181A Nelson Place Williamstonw (next door to Tick Tock Cafe) Bookings essential ~ space is limited
$145   Non Members $125  Members
How do I become a Feminine Spirit member so I can take advantage of this amazing offer?  It is so super simple! Add your name + email address to receive our monthly New Moon Newsletter and you will receive all sorts of goodies to support your health, healing + happiness as well as receive exclusive offers with all Feminine Spirit Retreats.

Method of Payment Must be paid in full prior to retreat

Members $125
Discount for Cash/EFT $140/$120

Susanne Calman
is a yoga teacher, intuitive master teacher/healer, raw food chef + wise woman who has had 26 years of helping women to feel renewed + rejuvenated. .

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