Weekly Inspirations

10th ~ 16th November
I think this is one of the most powerful weeks of the year and it will present situations, people + opportunities for you to do healing on whatever has been stopping you from living the life you want.

Have you taken time to make friends with your Shadow Side?  That’s OK cos she ain’t going anywhere soon!  So get to know her just like you do your BFF because trust me; something or someone will push her buttons this month + then you will have to deal with it then!

Keep up with your spiritual practices to support + strengthen your inner reserves.  Yes; there will be more fun things to do rather than attending to the self-care of your spirit but  by December you will be sure glad you did!

People around you maybe needy + demanding so step away if you do not feel up to it!

Acts of Love

  • Clear away the cobwebs from your home they represent old, stuck, negative energy.
  • Stop sharing your personal stories of doom + gloom
  • Use humour + grace this week when sticky situations arise
  • Acupuncture may help if you are having skin issues (could be the kidneys or lungs)
  • Take mini breaks through your day to breath deeply
  • If you have been having a dark night of the soul – the light is starting to shine
  • If self worth issues arise seek healing or wise counsel
  • Stop speaking when you hear the victim in your story or voice
  • Scorpio is the sexual sign of the zodiac ~ how can you awaken your flirty spark?
  • Lot’s of karma will be cleared in your relationships so be aware of the learning
  • Have fun, have cuddles, have laughter, have good times and enjoy

Be aware of what presents itself to you this week and notice how you respond or react.
The universe will be watching!

Remembrance Day 11.11.
Take a moment to pause in honour of those who gave their lives in service but also for the   women who sent their men off to war ~ the mothers, daughters, sisters + grandmothers.  Many women gave their own lives for freedom + liberty and countless more were brutalized by the horrors that war upon women + children.
Let us all pause at 11am on the 11th to stop + say thank you!