Feminine Spirit Yoga will re-align yourself with spirit!

The theme for December is ‘adjustment’ + realigning your life so that it works for you!

In TRUTH your heart knows exactly what needs to be fine-tuned, deleted, added and clarified (really it does) but the mental chaos, confusion and drama that is present in the first week of December is probably what is taking your focus and this just leaves you feeling flat, depressed and cranky!
Your feminine spirit yoga or intuitive healing will shift your focus from negative to positive.
Up to you really!

Too busy I hear you say?  Trust me; you will still tick everything off your to-do-list but you will do it with a sense of ease and still have a resevoir of energy in reserve!

Put YOU at the top of your priority list and when you do something that enlivens your body + soul you will be more aware of what spirit is showing you and how you are actually creating the lessons you need.  Pay attention and notice what you notice and what needs to be adjusted will be very obvious to you.

Let spirit help you feel at peace within yourself + your life1

Feminine Spirit Yoga
Friday 9.30-10.30am
@ Soulshine Yoga 1~4 Ballarat Street Yarraville