Heartsong – yoga and harp

Experience the ancient healing arts of yoga and harp with Susanne and Janet as they weave their magic, wisdom + intuition taking you on a personal healing journey awakening your personal heartsong.
Tune in + bliss out as the pure vibrations of the sacred harp soothe the fragmented parts of you gently restoring your inner landscape until there is a deep feeling of peace + unity.
Janet plays the harp as a healing modality to bring serenity and surrender to where it’s most needed.  You will be bathed in sacred sounds that expands the senses and wraps you in a cocoon of warmth, love and wellbeing.

Feminine Spirit Yoga  gently opens the channels of energy so that you own healing life force flows restoring a sense of inner balance and relaxation.    Connect with your heart’s desires, listen to your heart wisdom + allow your heartsong to be heard.

Susanne and Janet are divinely guided in how they present this healing journey.  Trust that what comes through with the yoga and sacred harp is for your highest good and deepest healing.

The healing fusion to ignite the heart light:

  • Feminine yoga with relaxation and reiki
  • Chanting, healing breathwork, visualization + meditation
  • Healing Harp
  • Tibetan + crystal bowl, elemental chimes + rainsticks
  • Oracle card readings + vibrational medicine

As your heartsong awakens you will experience:

  • A freedom from the chains + old hurts from your past
  • An energetic release
  • Flowing chakra’s for spiritual healing
  • Cellular Renewal
  • Good, good, good vibrations
  • An awakened heart
  • Connection to your deeper self
  • Deep core relaxation
  • Emotional nurturing
  • Love, acceptance, understanding, surrender + peace
  • Joie de vivre

Let your heartsong be heard….

Kindred Studios, Harris St Yarraville
Saturday 8th April

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Janet Borg
Janet Borg plays Sacred Intuitive Harp as it was played in Ancient times as a healing modality. She has played at Dr. Deepak Chopras “Neuroscience of Enlightenment” as well as Cathedrals and leading hospitals across Melbourne.

Susanne Calman
Susanne is an intuitive/shamanic healer and has been teaching her own form of healing feminine yoga for over 30years.