New Year – REAL YOU 2017

Feminine Spirit Yoga Workshop to inspire you to open to the magic and possibility of 2017 and all that it offers.    This is your year!

New Year – REAL YOU!  What’s it all about?
Let’s get clear.  You don’t need a more sparkly version of YOU, what you do need is the REAL YOU to show up.  It mean’s owning what you want, your dreams, desires, visions, fears, loves.  It’s about knowing what you want and going for it without excuses.

So…. How do you want your life to look and feel?  It’s up to you to design your life the way that it feels right to you and no-one else.

It’s time for you to be the mistress of your own destiny, to drive your own life, to be at the steering wheel and not handing it over to someone else to dictate what they feel you need.

Re-discover the inspiration and courage to set the tone for 2017 by joining me for a morning of feminine spirit yoga, chanting, visualization,  inspirational music, oracle cards and healing relaxation with reiki.

A fusion of traditions, energies + insights inspiring you to give yourself permission to shine more brilliantly than ever before!  What are you waiting for?

Kindred Studios ~ Harris St Yarraville (Whitehall St end) look for the giant vegie boxes
Sunday 26th February

If you are ready for a new beginning – you will love this workshop.

Price includes:
includes feminine spirit yoga, relaxation, reiki, aromatherapy, flower essence,  sound healing, group balance for 2017, inspiring music, pre-post workshop emails to deepen the practice + your own astro 2017 trends to take home.


Space will not be held until full payment is received with refund or transfer options available (less fees).
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Contact Susanne 93973015 for further details or EFT payment

2017 is your year!  So no more excuses…

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