Reiki and Soul Reading for 2016

Autumn is the perfect time for a Reiki + Soul Reading for 2016 treatment to clear blocks, create awareness, heighten inspiration, awaken creativity, free your truth + personal power in 2016. 

2016 is going to be simply awe-inspiring for some, others will hate the changes + others will have a love it!   Hmmmmm  sounds like a good time for a healing!

A Reiki and Reading Treatment will create an opportunity for you to:

  • Release resistance, struggle + monkey mind
  • Discover your astro themes, challenges, goals + roles are for 2016
  • Overthrow the old ways that have dis-empowered you
  • Stop blaming, whinging + start taking responsibility for your life
  • Get clear about what you need to ride the river of life with flow, grace + ease
  • Restore clarity + confidence to make changes where required
  • Re-connect with your soul goals + heart’s desires
  • See things with fresh eyes
  • Be the leader in your own life
  • AND welcome all the changes that are comin….

Let me weave my magic so that you may live according to your highest potential in 2016..

Available in Williamstown for March only

60 mins $95
75 mins $120 (for those wanting to delve deeper)

If you are ready to breakthrough to take that leap of faith then click here to book your treatment.
You can also text me 0419548645

Let’s get you feeling the inspiration + joy for 2016!