The theme for March is “let’s get physical”

March sort of grabs hold of February energy and runs with it with an incredible zest that will re-align, ignite, reset, re-invent your life ….or not!  The choice is yours…

March hasn’t got time to muck around with a new moon, two eclipses and an equinox that says one thing “change is good so embrace it with gusto”

March is energy…pure energy so my advice to you is to not waste a single minute.  Go for a sunset walk and pause as the sun dips down to farewell the day.

If everything is working for you….soak it up, believe it how good it is, you deserve this cos you have worked hard.   Don’t get into controlling or belittling your success…  own it, love it, demand more of it, share your success + happy place…….just cos!

If nothing is working out don’t marinate in the negative pity party in your mind.  STOP get out into nature, breath and get real honest with yourself.  What is really going on for you?


  • March is big kahuna to help you begin to put into place your visions for 2016
  • Allow what needs to be healed, heard + honoured by healing, listening + being
  • Keep your energy pure by reducing wheat, dairy + sugar
  • Give booze up for the month and see if it reduces your cravings
  • Meditation, (see below) Yoga +  Relaxation to soothe depression + depletion
  • Don’t share your dramas + see how this feels for you (but don’t wallow either)
  • Get to bed early to sustain + support the energy that is available to you
  • Re-visit your intentions around new moon/eclipse (9th) + full moon/equinox (24th)
  • Do 1 thing each day that keeps you connected to your spirit

As March draws to a close you may get a real sense of something ending that no longer lights your heart up.  At first you may resist the ending but trust me listen to this….
Use the pure potency of March Equinox to close this chapter of life.  Then celebrate what was before turning your gaze in the direction of your heart and move …


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Until then…be kind to yourself

Gratitude to Power Path, Living Now, Mystic Mama and my incredible spiritual girlfriends.