Cucumbers for health + beauty

This ancient plant is a native of soutwestern Asia where its seeds have been discovered dating back 12,000 years….

They are a quick and amazing beauty + health treatment with so many uses…
Here is a list what you can use them for…..

  • A warm tea or cool vegetable drink made from peeled cukes helps eliminate excess fluid from the tissues + is good for edema.
  • To whiten + soften hands
  • Put a slice on each eye after a long day at the computer to soothe tired, inflamed eyes.
  • A mashed poultice of cucumber in cheesecloth applied to the eyes for half an hour or so will help with bloodshot, itchy + inflammed eyes due to hayfever and related allergies.
  • Put a slice on any stings and it will soon be drawing the sting poisen right out thru the skin.
  • A cucumber is natures own chap stick, so when you lips are chapped + dry take an unpeeled cucumber and rub it over your lips.  If you look at a cucumber you can see the oily sheen on the skin.  Put under your lipstick as a protection balm
  • Juice from cucumber is excellent for teenage skin problems
  • One of the best facial treatments I know of is the Cleopatra Wrinkle Mask