Procrastination ~ my personal art form?

Over the last 6 months I have talking to friends about my new vision for Feminine Spirit, but sadly that is all I have done  because something always happens and I never seem to have the time to take that next step….Sound familiar?

Reading the paper at the cafe this morning I came upon an article that spoke to me about my next step + I felt a surge of energy + my inner voice was shouting ‘you need to do this’….and I was going to do it ….Fantastic ~ yeah!
I raced home to get started ~ I was going to be busy all day with this!….You betcha!
But I found myself enjoying time looking at pictures of Brigitte Bardot on Pinterest!….. How did that happen?

Today; was the clearest indication that I am procrastinating about the very thing that I absolutely 100% must be doing!
I know that if I take this next step it will be what will make the difference to my business + my personal life.

So why am I procrastinating about taking the next step?  What am I putting off + why?

  • Because I know that this is something that will really work.
  • I am putting off doing something that I really want to do + know that I will love it once I begin.
  • I am scared to let go of the familiar for something that is totally new.
  • I am worried that I may fail + equally nervous that I may be completely successful

Voila!  Instead of sinking down into the depths of procrastination, its now my guide as to what I need to do next…..

The next question is ‘How would I feel if I take this next step?

  • amazing
  • alive
  • excited
  • raring to go

My procrastination has guided me to the breakthrough I needed to have so that I can have this feeling within myself + my life.

Here is my check list ~ perhaps it may work for you!

#1 Write down the activity you believe you should be doing but have been putting off

#2 Next to it, write down why you think you are procrastinating

#3 Break it down into smaller tasks so its not so scary

#4 Put a time frame next to each task ~ dont make it unreasonable + dont make it too easy

#5 Give yourself a punishment if you do not do the tasks.  I have made the promise if I dont do the 1st task on my list by 10th July I will not be having a massage whilst I am in Bali.  This is a great incentive ~ so make it something you do not want to miss out on.

  • So ~ whats is your procrastination telling you? listen to your respone.
  • Use this easy process to shift you out of procrastination into action .
  • Get excited when you start putting something off ….