Intuitive Reading + Healing ~ October

An Intuitive Reading + Healing to listen to at your leisure.

Your October Spirit Blessing Reading is 16minutes.  So why not get comfy by laying down or sitting with a cuppa.

Close your eyes, begin to focus on your breath + enjoy…

Each time you listen to your Intuitive Reading thru October it will re-activate the Reiki Healing.

Click on the link below to listen to your Reading.

October Spirit Blessings

Here is what I used for your reading….

Essential Oil..

Geranium  ~  the Oil of Love + Trust..
Restores confidence in the goodness of others + in the world.   Aids in healing the broken heart, softens anger + assists in healing emotional wounds.  It assists in re-opening the heart so that love may flow freely.  It is an emotional healer.
Get out of your head + into your heart with Geranium…

Dreaming + Creation Crystal + Botanical Elixir by Feminine Spirit
To bring healing to the wounds that may feel forever unhealed.  Brings healing to the 3 feminine chakras 3rd eye, soul chakra (thymus), heart chakra…    It will move to where it’s needed.  The stuck energy will be released in an upward outward direction…  help to release this chant, sing, moan, groan, sigh, speak your feelings, laugh loud….



6 thoughts on “Intuitive Reading + Healing ~ October

  1. A personal, intuitive healing directive that warms and nourishes the soul. What a way to emerge into the day. Thank you. Thank you Susanne. xx

  2. Wow Susanne that was so accurate. Resonated so much with myself – it felt like you were speaking just to me – OMgoodness you are a very gifted in tune (living) spirit thank you for “saning” me. With much gratitude & thanks xx

    1. thank you Anne,
      the readings can be very accurate.
      I tuned in to who will be listening…


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