Spirit Blessings November…

My pleasure to be sharing the gifts for your Feminine Spirit with Spirit Blessings Healing + Reading for the powerful month of November 2020…

Spirit Blessings November Guided Relaxation for the Full Moon + Spring vibes…  (10.57mins)

A perfect tonic for body + soul during November.  If you wake up feeling as tired as when you went to bed – create space for 10mins to lay down + meditate/relax.  You will awaken fresh as a daisy.  An afternoon delight to refresh the spirit or as you prepare to sleep.

Relaxation will support your spirit during November.

Spirit Blessings November Intuitive Healing + Reading

A little longer than expected but I feel it will really speak to you.  Make a cuppa + lean in or lay down + listen.  The healing will continue each time you hit the play button.

Aphrodite Honey

Tools used…

Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards ~  Spider – Weaver of Dreams by Scott Alexander King
We are the creators of our own lives + that we alone choose the directions we take.  Spider urges us to explore life + to reweave our web when our path becomes barren.  She helps us to reclaim our power + bring our dreams to fruition.  In order to open new doors we must first close old ones by facing our fears + making choices that promise new beginnings.

Cleanse + Protect Aura Mist ~ Frankincense, Lavender, Bergamot, Rosemary + Basil by Feminine Spirit.
Yet to be released as I’m still feeling into it’s message. I’m using it daily as a protection from EMF’s + as a cleansing tool after being out in the world.
Frankincense was your priority – the Oil of Truth.   Let go of lower vibrations, lies, deceptions + negativity.  This oil creates new perspectives based on light + truth.  A powerful cleanser of spiritual darkness. 

Negative Emotions:  Disconnected, unprotected, spiritual darkness
Positive Properties: Loved, protected, discernment, connection with father

Palo Santo ~ Aura Cleanse by Rituals with Love
I use this only when called for as it’s sacred wood that is being plundered + abused.

But it smells divine + quickly clears negative energies attached to you…

Aphrodite Healing Honey ~ by Feminine Spirit
For anxiety, depression, get out of your head + into your body, breath + heart, inflammation, wound healing, digestive.  If you feel you have lost parts of you in 2020 Aphrodite will give you a gentle kick up the bum + a boost of energy so you can reclaim the fragmented parts of you.

Medicine Drum ~ Strength + Power into your being by Feminine Spirit
Sound is a wonderful healer, clears stuck energy, lifts the spirit + helps you to connect to your heart.  Art comes from the word heART. 
If you don’t have a drum then clap your hands around your body to clear the aura.  If there has been a fight in the home – clap your hands in the room + it will disperse.  You can also play music, singing bowl, sing, hum or chant.  

November blessings

I hope you enjoyed this months reading….
Let me know your thoughts
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  1. Would be lovely to reconnect Susanne and to discover your readings. Love and blessings Lisa (ne Brown)

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