Weekly Inspirations ~ 4th – 10th August

The theme of August is “FOCUS + BOUNDARIES”…..Yay….more work to do on my boundaries; I hear you say!
With this in mind use this first week to knuckle down + do whatever it takes for you to live the life you desire…..on any level.
This week put your big girl panties on and refocus, be disciplined + clear about what you need in your life.
If you loose energy + focus, then pull yourself up + step back till you know what or who pushed you off centre.
Leo is fabulous + powerful energy but it will be very easy to become unhinged, so vital to add some mind clearing each morning + evening.

If your boundaries are wishy washy then you may notice that someone who has stronger boundaries will come into your life and swamp you.  That being said; it is not about having rigid boundaries but fluid boundaries that will shift or remain strong as required but it’s up to you to know when your boundaries are being crossed, kicked or stomped on + to take action to remedy this..

Acts of Love when wearing your Big Girl Panties

  • Think of the Lioness + how powerful she is + be her
  • Get super clear about what you want in your life + what is required to get there
  • Leo loves the Sun – so go for a walk sans sunnies + soak it up
  • Look at what + who is coming into your days – you like or no like?
  • A yang month so add more physical exercise to push you more
  • August relates to the solar plexus – add to your yoga routine back + forward bends + twists
  • Put a price on your procrastination + START doing
  • Saying  YES + NO will test your boundaries (be aware of this)
  • Male issues may surface for healing + clearing + use this to get cosy with your own yang energy
  • Be open to changes that come your way

If you insist on staying on the couch or doing the same old things (even if they aren’t working for you) then you will feel agitated, anxious and annoyed at everyone…..  so take a step + change!

You wont regret it!